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    User Onboarding

    • Automate User Onboarding

      First impressions matter, that’s why it’s vital you make a great one! Creating a seamless user onboarding experience with your clients is at the heart of a potential long-term client-business relationship.

      This important moment is when you first introduce your client to your organisation, acquaint them with your services, and convince them why you are better than your competitors.

      It’s also the time when you may need to gather essential data that facilitates further communication and allows you to provide that first-rate service. However, up to 38% of potential customers are known to abandon the process due to complicated or time-consuming customer onboarding experiences.

      This is a make-or-break interaction for your customer. By automating the user onboarding process, you can acquire more clients in less time and costs.

    • Enhance your business with customer onboarding automation

      Building effective registration forms is a must-have to connect with your clients and provide a seamless service. The effect is seen in many industries, from sales to banking, e-commerce to telecommunications. Here’s why your business must prioritize user onboarding:
      Turn a visitor into a dedicated customer

      By simplifying a user journey, you ensure client retention, meaning stable revenue and growth for your business.

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      Make it more likely that your clients will recommend you

      Create an excellent client-business relationship and get customer referrals that carry a 16% higher lifetime value.

      Strengthen your business position in the market

      Provide an exceptional service that trumps your competitors in terms of quality.

  • Make it simple

    • Creating a seamless customer experience can lead to 25% more customer retention and revenue.

      In the onboarding funnel process, you accompany your customers from the moment they engage your services to the point of purchase and beyond. Ensuring a stress-free sign-up process increases the likelihood of customer retention. Delays or an irresponsible approach at this stage could cost you a client. Here’s how you can deliver a unique and tailored customer experience:

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      Create seamless customer experience

      Customer onboarding is a subtle process and is usually completed by something known as the onboarding funnel.

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      Fasten the process

      Endless forms take time and nerve to fill them in. To save your customer’s sanity, shorten them, and automate everything that can be automated by integrating OCR solutions into your mobile or web forms

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      Request only for the essential data

      By sharing personal data, the customer is placing trust in you. At this stage, ask him to give only the exact information you need – no more, no less.

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      Optimize error-prone processes

      Manual typing leads to mistakes, which is not just annoying but can be risky for businesses that require safe ID checks. No matter who fills in the forms, make it handy and secure both for your clients and staff by engaging automated data entry solutions.

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      Switch to remote mode

      If your business requires user identity verification, it may possibly be non-obligatory to register customers in person at your company’s office. Acquire face-match and liveness check software to perform remote verifications – and reduce costs on personnel, while processing more customer registrations at a time.

  • Solution perfectly performs:

    MRZ reading
    Barcode reading
    Credit card reading
    E-document reading
    Visual and textual data OCR
  • Why choose Regula?

    • Regula has three decades of experience in authenticating identity documents. Our products and solutions are used by law enforcement experts around the world. Today Regula’s customers include Ministries of Internal and Home Affairs, police, border and customs services, banks, insurance companies, airlines, and other organizations from every industry involving personal data processing all over the world.

      Our technology is already trusted by:


      Global Tax-Free


      JRC European Commission


      Emirates NBD

      and many others

      Don’t just take our word for it, read what they have to say in our client testimonials.

    • Regula innovative solutions allow your business to:

      Provide the best customer onboarding experience to your clients making the registration process quick and simple

      Decrease the number of people abandoning the onboarding process, improving your company’s customer flow

      Reduce the risk of errors from misprinting and spelling mistakes, ensuring that you get accurate and complete data from your customers the first time around

      Speed-up the process of customer registration and lower costs by minimizing manual paper document processing

      Comply with client onboarding regulations, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meaning that the technology can be a necessary part of regulatory compliance when providing any financial services.

  • Use Cases of Regula Customer Onboarding Solutions


    Speed and comfort are the forefront drivers of customer satisfaction. Such complex structures as banking and other financial institutions are adopting the strategies of fast and convenient service to meet clients’ expectations.

    With Regula Document Reader SDK clients don’t have to spend hours in long queues to open an account or fulfil a transaction. Using automated data entry, staff can process and validate any document swiftly, focusing more attention on customer needs.

    In addition, customers can onboard and subscribe for the services on their own via a mobile phone by just scanning their ID cards and undergoing automated ID validation and security procedures in a bank app, avoiding visiting a brick and mortar branch and adding to convenience and satisfaction.

    All data is verified and securely stored according to Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and GDPR, meaning your business maintains high-security standards while causing minimal disruption to the client experience.

    Insurance services
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