• MRZ Reader

    • What is an MRZ Reader?

      Getting to grips with what the MRZ is and what an MRZ reader does is not complicated. MRZ stands for Machine Readable Zone. It is an international code in travel documents, such as passports, visas, driving licences, and certain ID cards.

      The standard for machine-readable documents was created to facilitate inspection of travel documents and reduce the time taken up in the travel process by administrative procedures. The need for MRZ rose up when the aviation industry boosted in development, and continually increasing passenger flow demanded to be served and controlled as quickly as possible.

      MRZ makes document data reading and checking instant and efficient. The format of data in the MRZ is readable by machines with standard capability worldwide. Simply saying, the MRZ is a different representation of the data than is found in the visual inspection zone. Besides, the MRZ cross-checks the information in the fields that can be visually inspected.

      Being able to extract this data from identification documents with OCR technology easily, Regula Document Reader SDK allows you to optimise your organisation’s processes and ensure greater security and efficiency.

    • What Data is Contained in an MRZ Number?

      MRZ contains essential personal information necessary to verify identity. MRZ scanner SDK-based applications allow companies to extract this data, for example, passport number.

      MRZ checkers for passports and other documents scan for specially coded data; this information can typically be found at the bottom of an identity page in all machine-readable documents. It consists of 1, 2 or 3 lines of text, written in OCR-B type font, which was created to facilitate the optical character recognition operations. The standard for MRZ is detailed in ICAO Doc 9303 and ISO/IEC 18013-1:2018.

      See an example of MRZ number in the image of a German passport specimen:

  • Which Documents Contain MRZ?

    The range of documents includes all travel documents and many others

    There are several formats of MRZ used in different types of machine-readable documents. We recognize them all. Here are the main documents that use MRZ.

    Passports: typically TD3 size (2 lines 44 digits long)

    ID cards: TD1 (3 lines 30 digits long) and TD2 size (2 lines 36 digits long)

    Visas: 2 subtypes - MRVA (2 lines 44 digits long) and MRVB (2 lines 36 digits long)

    Driving licenses: 1 lined MRZ

    High fidelity of recognition

    It is vital in verifying identity for travel and security purposes to receive all the data possible. Types of data that are encrypted into MRZ codes may include:

    Full name

    Date of birth



    Issuing country

    Document number

    Document expiration date

    Personal number or other optional data elements

  • Why Does My Business Need an MRZ Reader?

    • MRZ readers help promptly extract information from MRZ codes in travel or identity documents of your customers and then use the information for further purposes.

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      Reduce customer waiting time

      MRZ reader captures, decodes, and provides ID data within seconds, considerably speeding up the customer registration process.

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      Improve data accuracy

      Improve with data input automation, eliminating manual work that can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

  • How is MRZ Reader used?

    Data entry automation
    Customer onboarding
    KYC automation
    Fraud prevention
    Automated check-in
  • Why Choose Regula SDK - MRZ Scanner module?

    Regula MRZ Scanner SDK is an efficient solution for businesses that handle fast-flowing streams of customers, large volumes of data, or require security from ID checks. By integrating Regula Document Reader SDK, your business can benefit from:
    • Smart checks

      Not only read, but get verified data to make sure the document is eligible for your purporse. Regula Document Reader SDK checks expiry date against current date, validates check sums, country code and document data format, recognizes specimens, and can check the age if needed.

      Structured and localized results

      Regula Document Reader SDK is multicultural and returns you the data in the format you need, already divided by fields. On demand it can transliterate names from specific MRZ formats into Latin characters, decode names into national characters, convert the dates into local format and support non-standard MRZ formats.

      Works in milliseconds

      Accurately extracted data allows you to progress to verification swiftly. Get the data you need in one-click, and use it to make those all-important checks even faster.

      Handy to capture Don't bother putting the document straight into the frame. Any position works, just make sure all the page is fully captured.

    • Seamless usability

      Added complications cost time and money. MRZ scanner module of Regula SDK allows you to build a solution that suits your business. Create a simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface that matches your brand style.

      Simplicity and autonomy

      Regula Document Reader SDK doesn’t require an internet connection for document scanning, allowing you to extract essential data anywhere, anytime.

      Multi-platform integration

      Available for mobile platforms (iOS, Android) as server API (Linux, Windows), meaning that your software solution will work no matter what system your workers or clients use.

      Confidentiality The solution doesn't store or transfer any information extracted. It works locally on mobile devices, and in server version you set your own level of security within your application development - we only give the tool to recognize, extract and verify the data.

  • How MRZ Reading Works

    Once your company has intergated Regula Document Reader SDK into your own application, mobile or server based, employing the solution to your business is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
    • 1
      Use it on any of your devices: computer, phone or tablet.

      Your app with our solution, mobile or server based, can be used directly by your clients or staff, depending on the scenario you need to optimise your workflow.

    • 2
      Place your document in front of your device’s camera, making sure the MRZ code is visible.

      The solution captures the document instantly. It is automatically scanned and essential MRZ data extracted, without even a click. For server-based solutions you simply upload the image to get all the data needed.

    • 3
      MRZ information is automatically extracted and becomes securely stored in your system.

      We do not store the information extracted. This data is sent to your system and can be further used to verify the document, for security checks, KYC verification and more.

  • In which industries is MRZ Reading applicable?

    Fintech & Banking
    Travel & hospitality
  • MRZ Reading Solutions for Your Industry

    Airport Security

    Thousands of people choose airline travel daily, undergoing ID checking procedures when boarding and getting off the plane. Implementation of MRZ scanners in airport and airline routine can greatly improve their performance by:

    Cutting queues and reducing customer wait time. By incorporating an MRZ scanning system and training your staff how to use it, you drastically cut down passenger waiting time, increasing customer satisfaction.

    Increasing the passenger registration flow. By establishing automatic kiosks in the airport with the passport and ID scanning function for faster check-ins. Customers can check themselves in and optimise the check-in process.*

    Minimize human error. Automatic data extraction from an ID document reduces the risk of misprints and spelling errors while extracting full information from MRZ codes, increasing the speed and accuracy of data entry.*

    Encourage passenger autonomy. Integrate an MRZ scanner software into an airline’s app and provide your clients with the opportunity to avoid long queues. Passengers simply register for the flight online by just scanning their ID documents.

    *MRZ scanning system is often combined with visual OCR module and other solutions

    Banking Sector
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