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    Healthcare & Insurance

    • The heart of your business is trust. Your clients turn to you for help during their most difficult times, entrusting you with sensitive and private information. Regula can help you provide a safe and efficient solution to meet your clients needs and keep that trust.

      Regula has the solution. Our Document Reader SDK and Face SDK combine perfectly to help maintain security and save you and your client from spending hours filling out paperwork. We help make every customer interaction simple, fast, and secure, so you and your customers can focus on what is most important— their health and wellbeing.

  • The Benefits of Regula Solutions

    Automated Data Entry

    Manually filling out long insurance forms can be stressful, and with Regula Document Reader SDK, you can make that a thing of the past. Our OCR scans the users ID and uses the data to help fill in the forms. It can read almost any document source— RFID chips, barcodes, MRZ zones and more. The data conversion is highly accurate and helps avoid human errors.

    Build your own KYC or know your Patient
    Liveness Check
    On-boarding Automation
  • Why choose us?

    The biggest document database on the market, constantly updated with over 10k+ document templates, for 246 countries and territories and in 98 languages.

    Regula identity and biometric verification solutions can both be tailored to your business.

    Our on-premises SDKs are fully developed in house, in order to best meet your business needs.

    Our Face SDK gives you the best possible level of security, and our Document Reader SDK keeps customer’s private data safe, ensuring that no sensitive data is stored.

    We provide a free one-month trial license that lets you experience the benefits first hand.

  • Explore Regula SDK for Free

    • Regula Document Reader demo app is available both for IOS, Android, and for web as well so you can test it live via our in depth web demo here. You can try the technology and see the reader extract the data instantly.

      If you are ready to request your license, please drop us a line and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our technology or how it can work for you, we are always here to help either.

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