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    • Play it safe

      A stress-free game depends on fair play, trust, and security. Questionable integrity and system flaws can damage your reputation, turn players away and hurt your business.

      Tap into the newly expanded stay-at-home community, onboard new players with a user-friendly registration process, and create a safer gaming environment compliant with age-restricting regulations.

      With Regula, fun meets safety:

      Regula Document Reader SDK admits more verified players faster through advanced document reading and identity check

      Regula Face SDK upgrades security through liveness and face matching detection of newly registered players.

  • Automation in KYC

    Automation in KYC:

    What lies at the Core of a KYC Solution

    Is your KYC software doing a good job?

    Get the answer from our on demand webinar:

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  • Make your service future-ready

    Take age compliance seriously

    Maintain a healthy player base and automate the compulsory age check to fully comply with regulations.

    With its OCR engine, Regula Document Reader SDK scans, reads, and verifies identity documents and enclosed data, including date of birth. Age check is done automatically and doesn't require much user action. The SDK cross-checks data against thousands of document templates and integrates into your workflow seamlessly without risk of data leakage.

    For extra security, add Regula Face SDK and prevent presentation attacks with advanced face matching and liveness detection technologies.

    Know your player with customized KYC
    Expand your reach and attract more players
    Prevent fraud and underage access
  • Choose progress

    Become an industry leader with world-class Regula solutions.

    Straightforward integration with your existing tools and processes

    Instant readiness of Regula SDK features

    30 years of experience in forensics and hardware development

    The largest document template database on the market and growing:

    over 10,000 document templates from 248 countries and territories in 138 languages

    High adaptability to your business needs with built-in customization of Regula SDKs

    Free one-month trial license to test the features and benefits first-hand

    Best possible level of security and safety of private data through on-premise SDK integration

  • Try how Regula SDK works for you

    • Try online Regula’s technology for mobile and web and see the benefits first-hand.

      To request your license, please drop us a line, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Or, discover how to use Regula solutions to your advantage. We’re here to help.

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