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    Financial Services, Banking, and Crypto

    • Grow your customer base and combat fraud

      In the fast-paced financial and crypto industries, innovation must always be met with security to please the regulators and convenience to attract users. Top industry players are all about ease of use, speed, and security of user interactions.

      Create an enjoyable onboarding experience, comply with strict regulations and prevent fraudsters from harming your business.

      Regula Document Reader SDK detects fraudulent IDs and extracts data from legitimate identification documents and credit cards fast to automize onboarding of new, legitimate users.

      Regula Face SDK supports advanced and regulation-compliant procedures to prevent fraud and increase overall security.

  • Automation in KYC

    Automation in KYC:

    What lies at the Core of a KYC Solution

    Is your KYC software doing a good job?

    Get the answer from our on demand webinar:

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  • Make your service future-ready

    Accelerate client onboarding

    Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual form filling with automated data reading and entry.

    Regula Document Reader SDK incorporates the OCR technology, which scans users’ documents, verifies data in real time, and fills in forms automatically. This means faster onboarding of new customers with next-to-zero abandonment.

    Regula works with all kinds of documents and reads RFID chips, barcodes, MRZ, and other elements instantly and reliably.

    Optimize your workload
    Improve customer check
    Increase security and detect fraud
  • Choose progress

    Become an industry leader with world-class Regula solutions.

    Straightforward integration with your existing tools and processes

    Instant readiness of Regula SDK features

    30 years of experience in forensics and hardware development

    The largest document template database on the market and growing:

    over 10,000 document templates from 248 countries and territories in 138 languages

    High adaptability to your business needs with built-in customization of Regula SDKs

    Free one-month trial license to test the features and benefits first-hand

    Best possible level of security and safety of private data through on-premise SDK integration

  • Try how Regula SDK works for you

    • Try online Regula’s technology for mobile and web and see the benefits first-hand.

      To request your license, please drop us a line, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Or, discover how to use Regula solutions to your advantage. We’re here to help.

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