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    • ID Verification for the Educational Industry

      The way education happens is changing. Offline education in schools and universities is moving forward and adapting to online systems, while online education services are growing in popularity and availability from year to year.

      Online exams, classes, presentations, and group projects are part of the educational process all over the world. But how to manage online registration for each student? How to perform remote application and onboarding processes and how to verify your students’ identity to avoid fraud on exams, when such stories appear too frequently?

      Especially during the 2020 global pandemic, student identity verification in distance learning is becoming more essential. Now, distance verification isn’t just an educational provider's choice, it’s a future-proofing necessity. For example, in Apr'20 the UKVI has relaxed regulations for foreign students and now universitites in the UK can perform Right to Study check remotely to accept international applications. Regula, in partnership with Validate ID, helps to make that happen now.

      Additionally, there are manual day-to-day tasks for educational facilities employees or students themselves such as checking students’ college ID cards, entering data into online profiles, health records, library cards, online exam results sheets, and much more.

  • Education Industry Automation Use Cases with OCR Technology

    Data entry

    Let's say you have an online student identity verification system already implemented in your website/app or web platform. And for the next step, you want a nice and smoothly-running technology that can scan college students' ID cards and forward captured data to every form field which gathers student’s personal data. For example, his or her name, date of birth, or any part of their college ID card that has text information, QR or barcodes, or even an RFID chip.

    Regula Document Reader SDK is designed to help you with this task: all you need to do is get in touch, specify your platform – and our team will guide you through the implementation process. After following these steps and adapting our technology, you’ll have more time to focus on your service users and boost customer satisfaction.

    KYC compliance
    Age check
  • Solutions for Education Process Automation

    MRZ reading
    Barcode reading
    E-document reading
    Visual and textual data OCR
    • How does it work?

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      Data extraction automation software using OCR (optical character recognition) to detect and extract data. It allows companies to optimise processes and easily find documents or customers data within their system.
      With an automatically generated database of customer information, delivering your services with excellent customer service becomes easy.
  • Benefits of Document Processing Automation

    Knowing which solution to onboard for your ID verification needs can be a challenge. Here are the benefits that make Regula stand head and shoulders above its competitors:
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      Fraud protection

      While competition increases rapidly, individual students all over the world can try to mislead those verification processes to have better grades. This is unfair to students who worked hard for their results. That’s why the KYC process can be an effective solution. For universities and colleges that offer online courses, it has become more important that, before taking an exam, the student goes through an KYC process including ID verification.

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      Automation & adaptability

      Manual work with papers is now automated easily and saves both time and money for colleges and universities. Avoid misspellings and typos easily and ensure your staff focus on what really matters – your students.

      Available for iOS, Android or web, our SDK can be adapted to fit your platform. In addition, it reads over 78+ worldwide languages and can recognise 8,600+ document types from 240 countries and territories.

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      Speed and accuracy

      With a one-second average recognition time, Regula SDK is a quick and simple solution that lets your business complete its processes with ease.

      Say goodbye to typos and other errors. Regula SDK helps your staff above the lethargy of data entry so that your students’ IDs are entered correctly into your system.

  • Explore Regula SDK for Free

    • Regula Document Reader demo app is available both for IOS, Android, and for web as well so you can test it live via our in depth web demo here. You can try the technology and see the reader extract the data instantly.

      If you are ready to request your license, please drop us a line and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our technology or how it can work for you, we are always here to help either.

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