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    Data Entry Automation

    • What is Data Entry Automation?

      Ever spent time filling out a form by hand or needlessly repeating the same information on a digital document just to have it marked ‘complete’? You’ll know how time-consuming and stressful the process can be. And your clients feel the same way.

      If your business involves data entry, to stay competitive and boost productivity, you’ll need to make sure your processes are optimized.

      Data entry automation allows your business or organization to engage state-of-the-art data entry software to automatically fill in the data you require across a variety of formats – registration forms, insurance documents, and much more.

      It is the perfect solution for businesses, government organizations, and others, looking to increase workplace productivity by focusing on the tasks that really matter.

    • Why You Need Data Entry Software?

      Adopting data entry software for business allows your organisation to stay ahead of the curve and optimize both internal and customer-focused processes. Here are the top 3 reasons why integrating automated data entry software is essential:
      Reduce customer wait-time

      Make sure your customers are not spending any more time than they absolutely have to on bureaucratic processes. Boost satisfaction and ensure your customers’ experience is a positive one.

    • 2
      Create more efficient processes

      Streamline internal document processing activities by automating activities that were previously done by hand. Reduce these time-consuming procedures, and your staff will be free to focus on more important tasks.

      Maintain high-security standards

      Rest assured that security remains a high priority, extract and store your data in accordance with the latest GDPR standards and other security markers so that it remains safe.

  • What Solutions Support Data Entry Automation?

    MRZ reading
    Barcode reading
    Credit card reading
    E-document reading
    Visual and textual data OCR
  • How Does Data Entry Automation Work?

    By engaging Regula Document Reader SDK, an efficient data entry automation solution tool, your business or organization can improve internal processes, boost customer service, and stay ahead of the competition. But how does it work exactly? When a company integrates our proprietary SDK into their app or web-based data entry system, they are able to scan and recognize a variety of documents to suit their needs. Here’s how it works.
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      Using the solution, your staff or your client captures the front and back of an identity document using a camera or by choosing an image from the gallery. Text and visual information gets processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

    • 2

      In seconds, checks are performed on the document data and on visual security features – are all fields filled? Is this document one of the accepted types?

    • 3

      Once the swift process has been completed, the data is then transferred to the company’s internal system and becomes available for use.

  • Which Kinds of Documents Can Data Entry Software Process?

    • Engaging a data entry web application or mobile solution, companies access a variety of data automation possibilities, including:

    • Insurance documents

      Automatically fill in data for insurance claims, taking the hassle out of an already stressful experience for your clients.

    • Bank applications

      Extract the necessary data for account opening and access, including ID verification and address paperwork, verified quickly and on-the-spot.

    • Identity document verification

      Get the ability to recognize and extract data from a range of ID documents from passports to driving licences to ID cards. Verify almost instantly their authenticity and check for fraud.

    • Barcodes

      Speed up your barcode reading process and improve customer service. Whether a shop or concert venue, barcode reading capabilities allow you to detect barcode and ticket fraud without delay.

    • Hotel and travel

      Quickly scan passports and boarding passes to ensure top-level security at your travel venue. Verify the data in a matter of seconds for state-of-the-art security.

  • In which Industries is Data Entry Automation Applicable?

    Fintech & Banking
    Travel & hospitality
  • How to Automate Data Entry in your Industry?

    Whether you’re a business, government organization or other, here’s how your organization can implement and automate data entry jobs in the workplace.
    Use Case #1 - Airports

    The airport and airline travel is a prime area where speed, accuracy, and security matter most. Data entry apps, powered by technology, such as Regula Document Reader SDK, and standalone custom solutions put the power in the hands of airport service providers, security and handlers to deliver a secure and efficient service to travelers.

    By incorporating automated data entry into web and mobile apps, airline’s clients can easily register by scanning passports or other ID documents. Meaning that when it comes to purchasing a ticket, all the important data is already stored, ready to be used.

    At the airport, automated data entry systems make check-in a breeze by allowing airport staff to scan passports swiftly, giving service providers access the data they need to conduct further security checks and ensure that the right passenger is travelling on the right flight.

    The same technology can also be applied in automatic kiosks that scan passports and issue boarding passes, an increasingly convenient feature at many airports, making check-in faster, reducing wait-time and boosting customer satisfaction.

    Use Case #2 - Banking
    Use Case #3 - Telecom
  • Advantages of Data Entry Apps

    • Productivity

      The higher the productivity level of your business, the more profitable and sustainable it will be. Data entry automation allows your staff and users to switch away from routine data entry tasks and focus on your business’ bottom line while reducing stress and workload.

      Regula Document Reader SDK puts power in the hands of your employees and users, giving them access to one-second on average document recognition time that works with amazing accuracy.

    • Security

      Fast doesn’t have to mean compromising on security. Regula Document Reader SDK is a BSI certified module for eID reading, meaning it competes at the highest level of protection when it comes to your ID verification needs. All data extracted using our proprietary data entry software is able to be stored securely according to the latest GDPR.

      With the solution, you can ensure your business’ and clients’ security without causing unnecessary work for your staff or customers.

    • Automation

      Manual data entry is time consuming and runs the risk of human error; typing mistakes are frequent and can lead to complications for you and your clients. With automated data entry, your business is able to efficiently and accurately extract the data it needs with ease.

      The extracted data is then able to be automatically recognised as a particular document type – passport, ID card, etc. – providing swift service and security at your fingertips.

  • Regula’s FREE Mobile Demo Apps and Web API Demo For Data Entry

    • Discover more about how Regula Document Reader SDK works and what it can do for your business with our FREE mobile demo apps and demo web app for data entry.

      Get in touch and let us help you create a tailored data entry automation solution to boost your business.

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