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    Data Entry Automation

    • How data entry automation saves your money

      Ever spent time filling out a form by hand or needlessly repeating the same information on a digital document just to have it marked ‘complete’? You know how time-consuming and stressful the process can be. And your clients feel the same.

      This is a real pain in the neck for businesses, government organizations, financial institutions, and others that deal with massive personal data processing.

      If your business involves data entry, make sure your processes are optimized to stay competitive and boost productivity. Save your client’s and staff’s time, avoid manual typos by integrating data entry solutions powered by Regula into your registration and onboarding processes.

      Provide your clients with the most effortless way to fill in personal data and have any registration form completed in a matter of a second. Fill in the data you require across a variety of formats – registration forms, insurance documents, and much more – automatically and without manual labor.

    • Improve your business efficiency with data entry software

      Boost customer satisfaction

      Make sure your customers are not wasting time on bureaucratic processes. Respect your customers’ time and ensure your customers’ experience is a positive one.

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      Reduce costs by optimizing document processing

      Automate and simplify dozens of processes that are done manually. Data entry apps can save both time and money while keeping your employees’ sanity.

      Minimize the human factor influence

      No more mistypes and incorrect entries, just an accurate copy of the document, structured and even verified if your scenario requires that.

  • Automate data entry by implementing:

    MRZ reading
    Barcode reading
    Credit card reading
    E-document reading
    Visual and textual data OCR
  • Get all the data in less than a second

    Engage Regula Document Reader SDK, an efficient data entry automation tool, tailored exactly for your business. The solution offers seamless Plug&Play integration and can be fully adjusted to the existing UX/UI. Here’s how it works.
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      Capture the required pages or sides of an identity document using a camera, or choose an image from the gallery.

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      Regula detects document type and parses all text and visual information with OCR technology.

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      As a result, in less than a second, you get all the necessary data already filled in the form in your internal system or the user interface.

  • In which Industries is Data Entry Automation Applicable?

    Fintech & Banking
    Travel & hospitality
  • How to Automate Data Entry in your Industry?

    Your business has dozens of processes to juggle! Optimization of tasks such as data entry jobs can enhance your efficiency in many industries. Here are some major examples.
    Use Case #1 - Airports

    Managing passenger flow at the airports is a prime area where speed, accuracy, and security matter. Airlines’ check-in systems, powered by data entry apps such as Regula Document Reader SDK and standalone custom solutions, make ground handling remote and contactless to deliver a secure and efficient service to travelers.

    By incorporating automated data entry into web and mobile apps, airlines allow their clients to check-in easily by scanning passports or other ID documents. Making it even handier, some companies implement personal data entry on the step of buying the ticket or registering in the airline’s app or website. When it comes to buying tickets for another flight, all the essential data is already filled in, ready to be used.

    Automated data entry systems at the airport make onboarding a breeze by allowing airline staff to scan passports swiftly to ensure that the right passenger is traveling on the right flight.

    Use Case #2 - Banking
    Use Case #3 - Telecom
  • Advantages of Data Entry Apps

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      The higher the productivity level of your business, the more profitable and sustainable it will be. Data entry automation allows your staff and users to switch away from routine data entry tasks and focus on your business’ bottom line while reducing stress and workload.

      Regula Document Reader SDK puts power in the hands of your employees and users, giving them access to one-second on average document recognition time that works with amazing accuracy.

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      Fast doesn’t have to mean compromising on security. Regula Document Reader SDK allows you to read various kinds of identification documents, passports, driving licenses, ID cards, etc. All processing is performed entirely offline on your device. The data never leaves your app, being stored directly in your internal systems to use it on all the passenger’s way compliant to your security policy, including KYC/AML and the latest GDPR.

      With the solution, you can ensure your business’ and clients’ security without unnecessary work for your staff or customers.

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      Manual data entry is time consuming and runs the risk of human error; typing mistakes are frequent and can lead to complications for you and your clients. With automated data entry, your business is able to efficiently and accurately extract the data it needs with ease.

      The extracted data is then able to be automatically recognised as a particular document type – passport, ID card, etc. – providing swift service and security at your fingertips.

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