Data Entry Automation

Optimize processes
and reduce costs

Data Entry Automation

Unparalleled accuracy

Eliminate errors, boost productivity and improve the reliability of your
database with clean, accurate, and high-quality data.

Accelerate operations and increase
data quality

Replace tedious manual tasks with advanced, fast, and highly accurate
data entry automation.

High efficiency

Extract data from any document with state-of-the-art technology and
fill in digital forms within seconds.

Lower operational costs

Process more documents in less time, rein in your spending and
allocate valuable resources to where they are needed more.

Higher customer satisfaction

Let your clients enjoy faster and automated onboarding and eliminate
the need for fixing imperfect manual entries.

Point, scan, process – in second

capabilities 1

Use a camera on any device to scan
any document.

capabilities 2

A powerful OCR engine detects
document type even in poor
conditions (blurred, camera-shaken,
or dark images).

capabilities 3

Text and visual information get
automatically parsed and digitized.
In a fraction of a second, data gets
filled in your system or user interface.

Regula Document Reader SDK is a fully customizable solution that responds to your business needs while saving
development time and resources.
Your data remains highly secure as it’s handled on-premises and is never transferred
to a third party.

Improve your database with Regula

Age verification

Automated data entry from all
kinds of documents


Optimal combination
of cutting-edge technologies


Works on all platforms and
devices (mobile phones,
PCs, tablets)


Customizable to your
product or service needs


From scan to quality data
in seconds

Technologies used

Credit Card Reading

Verify and extract data from credit
with OCR and AI

Advance your business with Regula

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Provide identity check using
a smartphone camera.



Enable document scan on your
website or web app


Choose Cutting-Edge

Become an industry leader with
world-class Regula solutions

Seamless Integration

Straightforward integration with your
tools and processes

The Largest ID Document
Templates Database

Over 10.000 document templates and
growing, from
248 countries and
territories in 138 languages

Superior Adaptability

High adaptability to your business needs
built-in customization of Regula SDKs

Advanced Security

Best possible level of security and safety
private data through on-premise SDK

Long Recognized Company

30 years of experience in forensics and
hardware development

One Month of Free Trial

Free one-month trial license
to test the features
and benefits first-hand

Gain a competitive edge
with Regula

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