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    Data Entry Automation

    • How data entry automation saves your money

      Data entry is an essential part of any customer management strategy. Relying on customers to fill in forms, repeating the same information time and time again, can lead to frustration and customer abandonment. On the other hand, using manual data entry is costly and can lead to incomplete information or simple human errors.

      You need to make sure you are getting clean, accurate data, without overburdening your customer. The better data you have and the less intrusive the process, the better your customer’s experience will be. That will translate into customer loyalty.

      Regula has the perfect solution for you. Our powerful SDK can automate your data entry so that you can boost productivity and stay competitive, all without the need for off-site data centers or endless customer forms.

      Regula Document Reader SDK is powered by a deep OCR engine that can scan and extract data from most any document — registration forms, insurance forms, etc.— in a matter of seconds.

      The benefits are clear. With our Document Reader SDK, you can boost customer satisfaction, automate dozens of manual processes to save time, and eliminate most common data entry errors.

    • How it works

      Adopting Regula Document Reader SDK is easy. Operation is fully intuitive; for the user, it is as easy as a scan, just point a device. The SDK does the rest of the job automatically. And our SDK works across all platforms and devices, from mobile phones to PCs to tablets.

      Regula Document Reader SDK has a powerful OCR that detects the document type and parses the text and visual information. In less than a second, you have all the necessary data filled in, either in your internal system or in the user interface. It can also compensate for less than perfect scanning conditions, like lighting, shake and blur.

      Our SDKs are customizable, developed in-house, and easy to integrate into your existing platform. All data is handled on-premises, so sensitive client data is never transferred to any third party.

  • Why choose us?

    The biggest document database on the market, constantly updated with over 10k+ document templates, for 246 countries and territories and in 98 languages.

    Regula identity and biometric verification solutions can both be tailored to your business.

    Our on-premises SDKs are fully developed in house, in order to best meet your business needs.

    Our Face SDK gives you the best possible level of security, and our Document Reader SDK keeps customer’s private data safe, ensuring that no sensitive data is stored.

    We provide a free one-month trial license that lets you experience the benefits first hand.

  • Try Regula SDK Now

    • Discover more about how Regula Document Reader SDK works and what it can do for your business with our FREE mobile demo apps and demo web app for data entry.

      Get in touch and let us help you create a tailored data entry automation solution to boost your business.

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