• What is Fraud and Identity Theft?

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    Employ the right technology

    With Regula Document Reader SDK, your company can get to the forefront of the best way to prevent fraud. Our solution lets you capture data contained on essential documents, so you can then perform those essential identity fraud checks*.


    Keep an eye on your customer accounts

    Whether someone is making a purchase with you for the first time, storing their finances at your facility, or is a returning customer, monitoring client behaviour is essential in identity fraud detection. Many companies are even increasingly engaging artificial intelligence fraud detection for this purpose.


    Analyse suspicious activity

    Are any of your customers behaving in an unexpected way? If so, this could be an indicator that identity fraud is happening. Being able to alert to suspicious activity quickly is one of the best identity fraud prevention tips out there.


    Deliver top-class services

    Investing in your businesses security to provide comprehensive security is essential to preventing fraud at every level. Ensure your company gains a reputation for being reputable by placing your clients’ security first.


    Don’t forget about customer service

    Some identity fraud solutions might seem invasive to your customers – costing the time, energy and peace of mind. With Regula Document Reader SDK, you empower your business to deliver a non-invasive, swift service that leaves your customers protected and satisfied. Document data extraction takes just seconds, causing minimal disruption to your clients.