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    Automated Check-in

    • Automated Check-In Systems vs. Manual Check-In

      Manual check-in simply doesn’t cut it anymore. That experience of waiting in line, approaching the desk and going through manual check-in procedures, complete with lengthy data entry, is becoming a thing of the past. The way we check-in has already changed.

      And your customers are changing too. They demand speed and ease of service and security. Failure to deliver could risk customer loss. Automated check-in is the future.

      Regula Document Reader SDK puts the power of automation in your hands, allowing you to simplify check-in procedures and deliver seamless customer experience.

    • Why Your Business Needs Automated Check-In

      Whether your business is finding itself bombarded with a continually growing number of clients and need to find new ways to streamline your workflow and upgrade your customer service, automated biometric check-in is the standard you should seek to ascend to. Up to
      Significantly reduce expenses

      There’s no need to invest in expensive professional equipment or hire extra personnel; just get the right technology at your fingertips.

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      Boost efficiency in your company

      Accelerating customer check-in procedures allows you to allocate more time to high priority tasks.

      Increase customer satisfaction

      Reduce wait-time and provide self-registration with an online or mobile app and see a spike in your customer satisfaction charts.

  • Automate check-in process by implementing:

    MRZ reading
    Barcode reading
    Credit card reading
    E-document reading
    Visual and textual data OCR
  • Advantages of Automated Check-In

    • Automated check-in is an effective solution for businesses that process large quantities of data, handle intense customer flows, or simply want to improve their customer service. With automated check-in, your business gets:

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      Accelerated customer flow and self-sufficiency

      Enter data from IDs, passports, visas, and other documents within seconds, reducing customer wait time. Speed up data processing and improve customer experience ridding your customers from physical contacts with personnel.

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      Heightened accuracy

      Eliminate the possibility of misspellings and misprints, especially when entering data from the documents that require a high level of data precision.

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      Improved document security

      Quickly enter passengers’ personal data in the system, ensuring that your clients keep their IDs and personal documents in their hands most of the time.

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      Easy integration

      Speed up your barcode reading process and improve customer service. Whether a shop or concert venue, barcode reading capabilities allow you to detect barcode and ticket fraud without delay.

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      Cost savings

      No need to invest in costly professional devices. A tailored automated check-in system is simple to use and integrated into iOS and Android apps and it is just one conversation away.

  • Automate Your Check-In Process With Regula

    Regula Document Reader SDK is the perfect solution for creating automated check-in. The software development kit employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture and process documents into a digital text format, allowing you to access and use the data in just one-click. With our technology, your mobile or web-based application can perform:
    Instant Check-in with ID

    Identify document types including ID cards, visas, travel passports, and many more.

    Verify and validate data with lexical analysis and code decryption tools.

    Read standardized MRZ codes and extract data. Widely used in ID documents, regulated by international legislation ICAO Document 9303 and supported by more than 130 countries, MRZ reading gives you the power to extract the data you require.

    Scan 1D and 2D barcodes including PDF417, QR code, and Aztec code formats used in boarding passes, bag tagging, receipts, checks, and more.

    Read RFID chips embedded in electronic documents (ePassport, eID, eDL) via NFC (Near Field Communication) and perform all necessary authentications (CA, AA, TA, PA), certified by BSI.

    Biometric Check-in
  • In which Industries is Automated check-in Applicable?

    Fintech & Banking
    Travel & hospitality
  • How Automated Check-In Works With Regula

    Whether you're an airline company, a hotel, or another business entirely, when you need to check your customers ID, going automated is the way forward. Here’s how it works:
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      Get Regula Document Reader SDK for your native app. Integrate our technology into your system, preserving your branded interface. Armed with our solution, you’ll be able to scan and extract data from your guests’ IDs or other documents in a second.

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      Roll out your new automated check-in across your premises. Once your solution is ready, it’s time to put it into action. All your guests or your staff need to do is scan an ID card or passport so that the data is parsed and analyzed for check-in validity.

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      Enjoy and optimize. With seamless check-in, your guests are now ready to relax. The data you’ve extracted from their IDs is stored so that you optimize their experience, providing excellent customer service and security.

    • Benefits of Regula Document Reader SDK

      With a digital check-in app solution power by Regula SDK, you have the power of automated data extract at your fingertips. Get access to:

      Seamless integration of Regula Document Reader SDK in any app, expanding its functions and fitting your business needs.

      Rapid data extraction using OCR technology from any image scanned copy or original document.

      Easy and straightforward document identification following international standards. Regula Document Reader SDK decodes MRZ codes, reads barcodes and RFID chips (if your mobile has NFC function).

      Scanning and digitizing data from debit and credit cards, including card numbers, cardholders’ names, and expiration dates.

      8,800 document templates from 245 countries in 88 languages in database

  • Advantages of Self Check-In

    Self Check-In in Aviation

    Decreases those endless lines Integrating Regula Document Reader SDK into flight booking apps cuts the time it takes to book a flight and gives your clients the power to enter their personal data quicker.

    Minimizes misprints and spelling errors Regula Document Reader SDK automatically inputs data in forms from various documents in several clicks, avoiding those problematic typo errors.

    Takes safety as a must-have New requirements to safety brought by 2020 pandemic changed the vision of how the passenger workflow should be processed. Remote check-in eliminates crowding, taking care of your passengers' health.

    Improves client experience With seamless registration in the system, your customer can quickly pass through all security and check-in at the airport, meaning less stress and increased customer satisfaction.

    Reduces your expenses There is no need for extra personnel or expensive equipment once your clients enter their data independently.

    Automated Check-In for Hotels
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    • Regula Document Reader SDK can be easily integrated into your app developed for Android or iOS platforms.

      Try our handy Regula Document Reader SDK DEMO version for free and enjoy the convenience of automated check-in solutions.

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