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    Age Verification

    • How data entry automation saves your money

      Age verification is necessary across many industries— from ticketing and live events to travel and online retail— but manual age verification can be costly and time-consuming. And since age verification fraud is one of the most common forms of identity fraud, you need a tool that will allow you to make quick, well-informed decisions in order to protect your customers.

      Regula Document Reader SDK and Face SDK are fast, efficient, and secure means of providing age verification no matter the situation.

      Our Document Reader SDK is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows you to verify ID documents and quickly extract that data for automated age verification. And our Face SDK uses face matching and liveness checks to make sure the ID belongs to the one presenting it.

    • How it works

      Age Verification should be fast and seamless, and with Regula, it can be. Our SDKs are fully intuitive; for the user, it is as easy as a scan, just pointing a device The SDK does the rest of the job automatically. And our SDKs work across all platforms and devices, from mobile phones to PCs to tablets.

      Regula Document Reader SDK has a powerful OCR that can perform fast document verifications while extracting customer data at the same time. It can compensate for less than perfect scanning conditions, like lighting, shake and blur, while still providing verification results in under a second!

      Face SDK is a powerful biometric verification tool that uses liveness detection and face match to make sure the user is a real live person and that they match the document ID.

  • Why choose us?

    The biggest document database on the market, constantly updated with over 10k+ document templates, for 246 countries and territories and in 98 languages.

    Regula identity and biometric verification solutions can both be tailored to your business.

    Our on-premises SDKs are fully developed in house, in order to best meet your business needs.

    Our Face SDK gives you the best possible level of security, and our Document Reader SDK keeps customer’s private data safe, ensuring that no sensitive data is stored.

    We provide a free one-month trial license that lets you experience the benefits first hand.

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