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With 30 years on the market, Regula is trusted by over 500 clients from Banking, Fintech, Telecom, Aviation, Insurance etc.; more than 50 largest KYC providers; 132 border authorities; and international organizations. Since 2016 the company is the official partner of Interpol in organizing train-the-trainer sessions.

Regula develops identity verification solutions and manufactures expert forensic devices. Solutions are equipped with the leading ID & biometric technologies. The application of forensics expertise, the largest ID document template database, together with the advanced technologies, such as AI, OCR, RFID reading, ML, face matching & liveness, allow businesses to receive a level of security equal to a country’s border authorities.

That is how we give our clients and partners the opportunity to perform identity verification with the ultimate level of security, efficiency & customer experience.

About Company

Being a one-stop-shop company that consolidates software development, hardware production, and creation of document database, Regula guarantees to take full responsibility for the quality of our products as well as the opportunity of the fastest innovations time to market for our clients & partners.


Regula develops software solutions and manufactures forensic equipment for authenticating security documents.

Our company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner and has carried out thousands of challenging tasks for our clients. Having over 30 years of experience in the industry and taking the lead in innovation, we’re developing and keep improving solutions for the identity verification market.

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